Thursday, May 24, 2012

Photo blog: Chesapeake 3 – Norfolk, VA

Hi all!  Not quite caught up yet, but getting there. I reported last week about the great time we had at the Looper Rendezvous in Norfolk.  Here are some pics.

With all projects finished and the dinghy mounted, we left Deltaville for the last time until next year. Amanda from the Deltaville Boatyard took some pictures of us leaving, and shared them with us when we saw her again at the Rendezvous, where the Boatyard was a sponsor.  We were happy to get her pictures as it’s hard to get a picture of your own boat underway!  Don’t we look good?!


On our way south, we enjoyed watching a group of 5 or 6 dolphins surfing in our wake.


A couple of Chesapeake lighthouses:

IMG_9283 IMG_9316

The Norfolk/Hampton Roads area is an extremely busy waterway. We had some big neighbors:


But things looked pretty quiet as we passed the largest naval base in the world.

IMG_0023 IMG_3127

As we approached Waterside Marina on the Elizabeth River, we passed the Nauticus Museum, a maritime-based science center and museum (really well done!) and the retired WWII battleship Wisconsin.


Waterside Marina is in downtown Norfolk, a really convenient location, with a great dog-walking park right next to the dock. Joey and Bailey met lots of other Looping dogs there. And there’s a really good hairdresser about 3 blocks away where I got my first “looper” haircut!  Approaching Waterside Marina:


As we approached the marina, we saw this navy ship in dry dock right across the river from us.


By the time we were tied up and settled, she had been lowered into the water and was moving out.  For a minute it looked like she was going to come right into the marina, but a flotilla of tugboats steered her safely out of the shipyard.  Impressive to watch!



Like other cities have public art cows, pigs and squirrels, Norfolk has mermaids.   The flowered one is “Princess Azalea.”  The silver one with the fountain is “Karen”!  

 IMG_0078 IMG_0396                    

We walked over to get a closer look at the Wisconsin. That is one big boat!


At night – the views from our boat, toward downtown and across to the shipyards.

IMG_0025 IMG_3150

Before we said goodbye to Norfolk, Craig posed with some new friends:


Next time, pics from our trip north to Annapolis again with friends Steve and Jeanne!

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