Thursday, May 24, 2012

Photo blog: Chesapeake 4 – North to Annapolis with Steve and Jeanne

Craig suggests that while I’m getting caught up with pictures and posts I should let you all know where we are now and what our plans for the next few days look like.  We are currently in Cape May, NJ, where we have enjoyed the past two days.  Weather permitting, we are leaving tomorrow morning – early! – and heading 120 miles north to Sandy Hook, NJ, at the northernmost point on the Jersey shore.  We’ll spend one night there and then Memorial Day weekend north of NYC, at Croton-on-Hudson, just north of Nyack, if that means anything to you.

Before then, here are a few more catch-up pictures.

Steve and Jeanne Dinnerstein, good friends from Cincinnati, flew to Norfolk and met us the last day of the Rendezvous.  From Norfolk we cruised north to Yorktown, where Craig and I had stopped briefly on our trip south, and which we felt deserved a return visit.

Yorktown is a lovely small town, with a beach, no less!


But it is best known as the site of the last major battle of the Revolutionary War, where Cornwallis surrendered to Gen. Washington. There are several beautifully preserved colonial homes (“none paid for by the Rockefellers,” as one of the locals told us, a jab at neighbor Williamsburg), and many remaining battlefield remnants. The Yorktown Victory Center also does a really good job of reconstructing the battle, the lives of the troops and colonial era Yorktown.  If you find yourself in the area visiting Williamsburg, Yorktown is definitely worth a detour!

IMG_0377 IMG_0407

IMG_9347 IMG_9357

IMG_0403 IMG_9359   

IMG_0408 IMG_9346

From Yorktown, we went to Solomons, MD, our 4th trip there. It’s a great stopping place between the southern Chesapeake and Annapolis.  We stayed two days there with Steve and Jeanne and enjoyed riding bikes around the area.

IMG_9389 IMG_9381

 IMG_9377 IMG_9384 IMG_0428 IMG_0434

IMG_0438  IMG_0441

Craig found an old skateboard whose wheels might come in handy for something.


We had hoped to get over to the eastern shore, but weather conditions suggested it was smarter for us to go straight to Annapolis, to make sure Jeanne and Steve were on the right side of the Bay for their flight home to Cincinnati. Not a hardship!

On the way up to Annapolis, we passed the Pride of Baltimore in full sail underway.  Special!


IMG_3162 IMG_0423

IMG_9397 IMG_9398

Once again, we docked at Annapolis City Marina, the birds-eye seat for the comings and goings in the harbor. While we were there, the 2012 Western Hemisphere Star boat championships were going on.  That made the weekly Wednesday night races even more exciting than usual!  All sorts of boats starting and finishing their races in the same confined area.  Controlled chaos!  And once again, we had front row seats!

IMG_0455 IMG_0454

IMG_0494 IMG_0483

We went to the Naval Academy again and watched the midshipmen get in formation for lunch.  they do this everyday!

IMG_0466  IMG_0463

IMG_9404 IMG_0478

Like good Loopers, we are sampling all the local ice cream along the way…


We were sorry to say goodbye to Steve and Jeanne, and look forward to their return visit.  

After they left, we stayed one more night in Annapolis and then moved on the St. Michaels on the Eastern Shore.  That will be tomorrow’s blog!


  1. Bazingading says: Hey CW and Barbara Sue, We are enjoying your pics and commentary but hope you will include a guided tour of your home away from home. Particularly, I'd like to see your "remodel" to make dog friendly stairs and your new patio where once there was a dingy.