Sunday, April 21, 2013

Marineland, FL

March 26-27, 2013

We had a cold and windy trip north up the Intracoastal Waterway from Titusville, past Daytona Beach, to Marineland, Florida, one of the smallest towns in the country. It covers less than half a square mile, and the population is less than 20 people. It consists mostly of Marineland of Florida, one of the original dolphin parks, which is currently being refurbished. There is also a pretty nature preserve, the University of Florida Marine Bioscience lab, and a very nice marina. The big draws for us were that it was a good stopping point between Titusville and St. Augustine, and most important, we would be able to spend a couple of days with friends Tom and Patsy on True North.


  • Such a cold trip on the ICW that I rode inside with the dogs
  • Spending time with Tom and poor Patsy in her back brace
  • Watching yet another group of clever dolphins
  • Keeping an eye on a “controlled burn” across the ICW
  • Walking the dogs through the River To Sea Preserve


IMG_1934 IMG_4948 IMG_1938  IMG_1940IMG_4950 IMG_4951

Next: St. Augustine

(Real-time update: on April 21 we are safely docked in Southport, North Carolina, waiting for the heavy winds to die down on the Cape Fear River.)

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